Successfully working in UK / China business, technical, cultural and educational partnerships since 2005

Our Services

Our experts bring a wealth of experience from the education and business communities which means we can offer a broad range of products and services. We believe in continuous improvement which is supported by our ability to attract and benefit from highly respected professionals.


EFEC is working as project manager for a major transformation project in Chinese cuisine in the UK. Our partnership for this is all the key players – China’s leading expert on Chinese cuisine; the UK restaurateurs and employers’ groups; the best catering college based in London.

The project will:

  • Ensure a steady supply of high quality apprentices to help business grow
  • Develop a masterclass approach to create innovative high-end cuisine
  • Devise a standard of cuisine to be rolled out across the UK
  • Help to enhance the brand of China in the UK

Technical Education Services

Our Technical Education Services build on international research and best practice to provide unique and bespoke solutions and support schools in developing their students’ employability skills.

Business Innovation

EFEC is working with China partners and its network of UK experts and organisations to support business innovation and create new initiatives.

This includes:

  • Developing talent management processes to attract international employees
  • Promoting business parks to the UK business market to attract business into China
  • Supporting business innovation in partnership with UK and China experts
  • Engaging skills supply with skills demanded to meet future needs better

Leadership Services

Our Leadership services are specially designed to help Head Teachers in China better understand western education practices and explore how these can benefit their schools.

Link Services

Enabling UK and Chinese institutions to connect in sustainable ways for professional and curriculum development. Assisting Chinese students to enrol on UK diploma and degree courses.

Placement Services

We offer opportunities for Chinese students to continue their secondary or higher education in the UK. We have an established network of schools and colleges that offer excellent educational experiences

Learning & Teaching Services

Our Learning and Teaching services are specifically designed for teachers from China to increase their knowledge and expertise in delivering both subject-specific and cross curricular teaching.

Bespoke Services

EFEC can create bespoke programmes for professional groups. We work closely with you to ensure that your bespoke programme contains the right balance professional development and rich cultural experiences.

Curriculum Services

We enrich the curriculum of schools in China across a range of areas including PE and Drama providing world class products and professional development for teachers and practitioners.


Our highly effective products have been developed in partnership with experts from the education and business communities and have an established track record of successful use in China. They include industry-leading creative Physical Education and Drama Education resources.

We also have a range of products that support technical and career education delivered with the support of highly regarded education establishments in the UK.

Our products are designed to be used across a wide range of age groups from Kindergartens to Secondary schools.

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What People Say

”Observing lessons from the Drama-Direct programme it is clear that it helps reserved students become more open and turns their passive learning into active learning.”

Dong YonggangHead Teacher, South Jian Ping School, Shanghai, Pudong, China

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